An artist goes through many changes in style, much experimentation, to find what truly fulfills their needs.  that is what compels an artist to do what they do, to satisfy certain needs and desires.

I have found a fascination in using my hands more.  Wanting to see or feel my work in a different way, a desire to sculpt or build.  thus began the transformation into the cutting of my work.  First with strips, then weaving the cut work.  I still felt I needed to let go of the painting process for a time.  It was not intricate enough to allow me to get into my work.
As a child, I  had a need to collect things, little objects both found and given to me.  We never grow out of many of our childhood habits and through this same habit, I found myself collecting different cards over the years.  I saw something in the works on an advertisement or in a picture.  Cutting them smaller and into sections gave me more control over what they said.  I could see these images joining together and becoming one, a larger image.  To me, these smaller sections are now walking through my work on a path where I am the trail leader
In addition to this, I found myself obsessively, for hours on end, slicing paint adhered to my work clothes which I have used as a palette.  I then sift through, what amounts to, thousands of layered paint chips to build and sculpt pieces which become visually uncontrollable taking on their own erratic design.  These "Abstract Forms" seem to mimic nature and humans, unique and individual, but when together, form something greater.  Upon looking into any given section, the viewer is given an experience of indescribable fascination.

The expectation I have for my work is to allow the viewer to get an immediate relationship with each piece and to fully experience it the way I do.