Kim Luttrell has persisted in her journey to create marvelously compelling artwork.  The seemingly endless ideas come from Kim’s willingness to explore her wonderfully eccentric imagination.  Luttrell’s recent pieces, labor-intensive works consisting of thousands of cut cards, are labyrinthine. Guiding the viewer’s eyes through intricate passage ways and blind alleys.  In close view they reveal their extremely complex and tortuous structure.
Raised in Kentucky, Kim left her home state on her quest to become a fine artist.  She attended Ringling School of Fine Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida.  Kim would migrate to New York City in 1991.  At this time she found herself starting a business creating 3-dimensional functional works, which lasted for 6 years. Then, in 1998, she decided to completely immerse herself in her fine art.  She has most recently returned to her roots in Kentucky to explore the surroundings that she has long missed & remembers so fondly, these surroundings which started her on her current path. Kim currently works from her studios in Brooklyn, New York & Henderson, KY.
Luttrell has allowed herself to appreciate the fragments, both past and present, of her life and bring them into her mind as she drives through her work.  The smallest remembrance, a snapshot passed by, a phrase heard in conversation, an accidental happenstance, all these evoke ideas and spark imagination for Kim as she ponders through the days creations. Her inspirations are boundless, allowing her to create innumerable pleasures for her audience. 
“My work is both a blend of inspiration and compulsion,” says Luttrell.  “I find my ideas thrusting me further into a seemingly endless day.  Those days become further filled with genuine excitement as I see my creations grow in complexity.  My thoughts can then be brought to those who view my work, leaving words unnecessary in the telling of my stories.”
Luttrell’s works are in corporate and private collections throughout the United States, Holland, Israel, Australia, Argentina, England, Brazil, China, Japan, Germany, and Republic of Guinea.  Along with several works on loan for exhibition & for the permanent collection at the US Embassy in Prague, Czech Republic through the Art in Embassies program. She has participated in solo and group shows & Fine Art Fairs in New York, Miami, Houston & Toronto and was a featured artist at the House and Garden Showhouse in New Jersey's Havemeyer Mansion. Kim was the topic of an independent documentary produced by award winning Australian filmmaker Melanie Hogan, "The Artist & The Painter". She has received an Adolph & Esther Gottlieb Foundation Grant and an Artist Fellowship Grant and is an Honored Member of the National Association of Professional Women. Her work has been added to the permanent archives of the Library and Research Center of the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington, DC.  Kim is represented in New York by Susan Eley Fine Art.  Her work can be viewed at