Lomography is a photographic image style.

It relates to Lomographic Photographers who advocate creative & experimental film photography.   Using spontaneity & the taking of photographs anywhere, while minimizing considerations of formal technique.

Lomographic photos typically are images with high-contrast & with unusual saturation using film intended for developing in slide chemistry.  They are quite unpredictable, moody & ingenious.

The art of Lomography is all about not following any rules, which was my attraction to this oddly strange & exciting new tool.

Introducing my first series of Lomographic Photographs, I use shots from my days in the city where I discovered the "Don't Think, Just Shoot" camera.  Traveling through a photographic documentation of life in New York, at times, taking impossible snapshots in the most impossible positions.  As soon as you press the button, the camera does its own thing.

So much of my work incorporates a form of distortion, which made this style of photography the perfect match for me.  Double exposure, triple exposure, allowing the shutter to open longer, colored lenses, camera movement...yes, actually wanting to move the camera while the shutter was open...the ideas were endless.  Yet the final photos that were returned after developing, there was the mystery.  I was able to manipulate, distort, create...but had to wait for the final results.  I had control only to a certain point.  together, with my camera & multiple lenses, we were able to create extreme optical distortions which made for photographs with unique character.

So begins my entry into a new medium, one to use in telling my stories.